Previous Agency Projects

Transportation Infrastructure


Pandemic Response: Downtown Road Diets

Cost $250k+
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Citywide Traffic Safety Improvement Projects

Cost: $1M +

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Development & Implementation of Vision Zero Policies

Cost: $1M+
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Traffic Signal System Battery Back Up System (BBS)

Cost: $250k+
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Road sign on the street

Fremont Blvd/Old Warm Springs Blvd - New Signal

Cost: $1.1M+
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capitol ave signal project

Fremont Blvd/Capitol Ave Intersection Improvements

Cost: $600k+
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Countdown timer at a pedestrian crossing traffic light

Citywide Pedestrian Countdown Signals

Cost: $350k+
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Fremont Blvd/Eggers Drive Intersection Improvements

Cost: $500k+
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Traffic Signal Operations

traffic signal sign

Adaptive Signal Control Technology Project

Cost: $1.25M+
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commuting traffic

Citywide Base Timing Updates

Cost: $300k+
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Surveillance or satellite traffic tracking. City map screen with traffic jam, danger and safety road points vector background with metropolis street satellite view, city blocks with glowing dots

Alameda County Transportation Commission - TFCA Arterial Management


Cost: $2M+
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Aerial view of cars at intersection vector illustration

Metropolitan Transportation Commission - Program for Arterial System Synchronization (PASS)


Cost: $1M+
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signal maintenance

Traffic Signal System Management & Maintenance

Cost: $2M+
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Traffic lights over urban intersection. Red light

Traffic Signal Infrastructure Modernization Projects

Cost: $800k+
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Ai tracking traffic vehicle car recognizing sensor preventing collision, speed limit information system, security surveillance camera monitoring traffic holographic artificial intelligent technology

Traffic Flow Map

Cost: $350k+
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Bundle of protesters holding banners and placards. Set of people taking part in picketing, mass meeting, rally, political protest movement. Protesting men and women. Flat cartoon vector illustration

Community Traffic Service Requests

Cost: $800k+
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Traffic Signal Communication & Smart Cities Readiness

fast traffic

Citywide Communication Upgrade Projects

Cost: $650K+
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fiber lights

Citywide Fiber Optic Infrastructure Projects

Cost: $350k+
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CRM Evaluation & Deployment Project

Cost: $400k+
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Close up Security CCTV camera operating over the road

CCTV Cameras & Server Upgrade Project

Cost: $250k+
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Land Development

AIM Engineering Consultants, Inc

Permit Management & Owner/Agency Representative

Man's hands withbrain double exposure drawing. Concept of human learning.

Municipal Code Flowcharts for Entitlement Process


Del Monte Development


Alameda Marina Development

Comprehensive Project & Program Management

Hand drawing and protest Concepts of social problems It is a vec

Outreach to the Community & Stakeholders


Present to Elected Officials

AIM Engineering Consultants, Inc

Prepare Engineering Documents Plans, Specs, & Estimates

Businessman analysis comparing financial reports. Financial reports are set of documents prepared by an administrative team and ceo recheck report profit. Concept business finance

Write Grant Applications and Technical Reports


Manage & Control Project Documents

2 (1)

Provide Construction Engineering Support


Inspect, Document, & Field Verify Public Works Projects


Ensure Smooth Project Closeouts & Acceptance

Previous projects were all managed by AIM CEO/President, Donya Amiri, PE, TE while working full time for public agencies.