Aerial view of a massive highway intersection in Los AngelesAerial view of a massive highway intersection in Los Angeles

Metropolitan Transportation Commission Program for Arterial System Synchronization (PASS) Project

Cost: $1M+

Role: Project Engineer (PE) and Project Manager (PM) 

Associate Transportation Engineer for the City of Fremont in charge of MTC PASS projects for several years, including the writing of data driven grant applications to obtain funding, working with their assigned consultant on the project, and managing the project through completion. PASS projects required collection of field data, analyzing the data, preparing signal timing plans, testing the proposed timing plans in the field, making necessary adjustments (fine-tuning) to the proposed timing plans, and finalizing coordination plans. Final plans were imported to signal controllers, timing sheet databases, and reported back to MTC. Each project also includes before and after studies to show how corridors improved as a result of the project.