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Community Traffic Service Requests

Cost: $800k+

Role: Project Engineer (PE) and Project Manager (PM) 

In charge of all service requests submitted by constituents related to the City of Fremont traffic signals system. Providing excellent customer service to users of the system with questions and concerns  has been key to building trust, respect, and appreciation with agency residents. Receiving a report of a signal related concern, investigating, troubleshooting, correcting the issue (if any), and reporting back the results was only part of the project. The other essential piece was the gathering of data on reoccurring issues, troubled locations around the city, and what the community wanted from the signal system. The years spent responding to residents were invaluable to intimately understanding the entire traffic signal operations infrastructure including its assets, traffic behavior, and the areas in need of immediate attention. 

With an operating central system, obtaining live status of an intersection would be very helpful in verifying many service requests right from the office. However, many times a site visit was needed to verify the issues described in a service request. Once an issue is field verified, decision about the course of action was determined, followed by coordination with the signal technician when needed, and finally a followup with the person who submitted the request to let them know of the final result.