Citywide Fiber Optic Infrastructure Project

Citywide Fiber Optic Infrastructure Project

Cost: $350k+

Role: Project Engineer (PE) and Project Manager (PM)

In charge of managing a team of communication experts to safely resolve a contractor damaged backbone fiber optic cable along a critical infrastructure path. This project brought to light other fiber optic issues that City staff were not aware of and increased the complexity of a solution. However, Ms. Amiri was successful at determining a resolution to finally replace the damaged fiber optic cable, upgrade the fiber splice enclosure, and other necessary improvements. As this backbone fiber optic cable impacted not only the traffic signals system, but critical IT systems--it was essential to expedite its replacement and restoration of the impacted systems. 

To safeguard the rest of the fiber optic infrastructure and prevent future fiber optic cable hits due to construction, Ms. Amiri prioritized a project to extensively document the city's entire fiber optic infrastructure including enclosure conditions, splice diagrams, and physical layout of the system. She also obtained key information to be able to generate GIS layers for the city's fiber network.

By having a longterm vision for the City's fiber infrastructure, Ms. Amiri's leadership not only led to an expansion of the fiber optic network in the city, but it also opened this critical infrastructure information to the rest of City staff. The fiber GIS layers immediately helped numerous departments including Public Works (Transportation, Land Surveying, Construction, Land Development, and Design), Planning department (Planners and Permit Center), IT, Economic Development, Police Department, City Manager's Office, and the Smart Cities team.