Countdown timer at a pedestrian crossing traffic light

Citywide Pedestrian Countdown Signals Project

Cost: $350k+

Role: Project Engineer (PE) and Project Manager (PM)

Transportation Engineer in charge of the first Vision Zero project for the City of Fremont! Fremont Vision Zero traffic safety policy has a goal of eliminating traffic fatalities by facilitating safer streets, safer people, and safer vehicles. The City's aggressive goal of completing 20 projects in 20 months as part of a Vision Zero initiative listed this project on top of the list.  As a PM/PE of this urgent project, the preparation of the design plans, specifications, engineer’s estimate, coordination with Caltrans and neighboring agencies, and the entire bid process was Ms. Amiri's responsibilities. The goal of installing pedestrian countdown signals was to give “countdown” indicators and inform pedestrians of available time to safely cross an intersection. This project was completed successfully, delivered under budget, and on time.