Citywide Communication Upgrade Project

Citywide Communication Upgrade Project

Cost: $650k+

Role: Project Engineer (PE) and Project Manager (PM) 

PM & PE in charge of the technical investigation and troubleshooting of City of Fremont's traffic signal system to determine the cause of several intersections losing communications, shutting down on the central system, and going into flash mode.

Extensive field analysis, troubleshooting, research, including the detailed review of as-built traffic signal plans, existing timing sheets, current communication device configurations, and existing fiber optic and signal interconnect (SIC) infrastructure. 

With collaboration and various problem solving approaches, we were successful in identifying the problem and pin pointing exact field devices that were in need of modernization and updated configuration. It was determined that the devices were configured for a flat network and with additional data demand on the system, a managed configuration would be best. Ultimately, the solution to this unplanned disaster was a comprehensive approach  including aspects of traffic engineering, software engineering, electrical engineering, traffic signal system planning, regulatory mandates within each specialty, and construction.

The efforts of this projects led to citywide improvements to including improved record keeping and documentation, development of  new citywide network reconfiguration procedures, and mapping of every single communication device in the city.