Aerial view of a massive highway intersection in Los AngelesAerial view of a massive highway intersection in Los Angeles

Alameda County Transportation Commission TFCA Arterial Management Projects

Cost: $2M+

Role: Project Engineer (PE) and Project Manager (PM)

a. (2013 CIP) PM & PE for the City of Fremont and responsible for managing every aspect of the TFCA project -- including writing grant application, preparing preliminary drawings and estimates, working with assigned consultants, managing the implementation of signal timing updates and replacement of traffic signal equipment, reporting final results and improvements, and finally project close out. 

b. (2016 CIP) PM & PE responsible for successfully obtaining a grant for $425,000 from ACTC to improve traffic signal timings and purchase the necessary traffic signal equipment needed for over forty (40) intersections in the City of Fremont. 

c. (2018 CIP) PM & PE in charge of applying for two other major projects with ACTC this fiscal year cycle: the first (1st) being the Paseo Padre Pkwy corridor which has never been done by the City of Fremont in one project span. The second (2nd) ACTC grant funded project was for a portion of Fremont Blvd, Decoto Rd, and Auto Mall Pkwy corridors. We were successful in being awarded funds for both projects totaling to about $646,000 of grant funds to complete the mentioned corridors.