Fremont Municipal Code (FMC) Interpretations and User Flowcharts

Cost: $15k
Created a Fremont Municipal Code (FMC) oriented standard form in order to improve our review process. While in beta testing, the users (staff and technicians) have reported back that the form has helped them greatly in determining the necessary information to provide efficient customer service over-the-counter. The form has also helped them explain to the applicant the codes triggering a team-based review instead of the 15 minute over the counter review and approval. This form has helped us speed up our review and comments to our applicants.

Created flow chart for our group on a difficult FMC, Preexisting Uses, 12.10.150. It has helped expedite determination of when street improvement ordinance is triggered and when a property can be given credit for the existing street improvements. It has been used my staff to efficiently and confidently determine when we can ask for street improvements.