Citywide Traffic Service Requests, Signals

Cost: $500k
All service requests related to traffic signals come directly to me and my support staff either through our website or direct phone calls. I make responding to our residents’ concerns one of my top priorities. I always follow through and find the answers to any questions/concerns they may have and report back to them promptly. During my time here, I have received several letters, emails, and phone messages thanking me and the City of Fremont for taking care of a problem quickly and with great customer service.

Now with a working central system, Tactics, I have successfully used it to obtain a live status of an intersection and I have been able to verify many of our Service Requests in the office. I have received, confirmed, and responded to countless traffic signal related service requests from the public and staff. In doing so, I have created cases for each request, made site visits to verify request, informed our technicians of cases which required more troubleshooting, and followed-up with requestee on the result of their service request. At certain locations, I have been able to use our CCTV cameras to confirm a traffic signal related complaint. In doing so, I have been able to obtain a better understanding of the traffic concern and use better judgment before contacting our signal technicians. I have also trained other staff in how to respond and handle various requests.