City of Fremont PWC 8520 Fremont Blvd/Capitol Ave Intersection Project

Cost: $500k
I completed the design plans, specifications, and Engineer’s estimate for the traffic signal and SIC systems of this high profile project last year but have now been providing construction support on change orders and issues as they come up. This project has required a lot of coordination with our Design and Survey departments, PG&E, and signal pole manufactures. When the construction of this project was underway, we had some issues that came up. One issue was a conflict with a proposed curb inlet and our signal interconnect and advance loop conduits. I was able to evaluate alternatives, make sound recommendations and prepare effective technical drawings to provide our construction department and contractor. Another issue was the conflict with existing pole locations where the proposed poles were supposed to be located. I collaborated with construction and design to resolve issues, go out to the field to meet with City inspectors and contractors, and do my best to ensure a smooth construction of our signal system with minimal delays to this project.